I Think You Stink Bouquet - dead flowers
  • Did that wonderful date never call you again?
  • Has your boss told you that a raise is not in the budget?
  • Does the neighbor’s dog wake you up every morning?
  • A fight with your wife?
  • A bad break-up?

Send them an I Think You Stink
Bouquet today!



Welcome to “I Think You Stink” Bouquets

I Think You Stink Bouquets is a fun and affordable way to say “I Think You Stink” to anyone with whom you disagree. Order below and a bouquet of wilted dying flowers will be delivered to your adversary within 2 business days.

Sign the card or send the bouquet anonymously. It’s up to you!Dead flowers

Why do something crazy or impulsive that might land you in real trouble? Send them an I Think You Stink Bouquet today!

Less than $20 (delivery included)
The civilized way to tell someone that you think they stink!